Changzhou Women's Federation Joins in Anti-Drug Activities

A campaign, launched by the Women
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A campaign, launched by the Women's Federation of Changzhou City, the People's Court of Changzhou City, the People's Procuratorate of Changzhou City, the Education Bureau of Changzhou City, the Judicial Bureau of Changzhou City, the Health Committee of Changzhou City and the Drug Control Office of Changzhou City, was held earlier this year to help the adolescents and youth enhance their awareness of drugs and protect them from being harmed by the drugs. Students from 26 colleges, universities and vocational schools have benefited from the event.

.According to a report on the drug situation in China in 2018, as the new psychoactive substances spread rapidly across the world different types of new drugs, unknown to the public and especially young people, have been seen in China.

"In the past, I thought drugs were opium and heroin, which were far away from our life. I learn a lot about drugs, especially the synthetic drugs and new drugs, through the lecture," said a student after listening to a lecture at Changzhou Health Vocational School on June 3.

The lecture was given by Shen Chunlan, a police officer at the local public security bureau. As a teacher in the campaign, she introduced the common types of drugs and gave tips on how to avoid harm from them.

The campaign engages 21 instructors like Shen, who have been fighting against drugs with theoretical knowledge and practical experience. They help college students learn more about drugs and their harmful effects through lectures and investigations.

Focusing on students' physical and mental health and legal knowledge, 17 schools have conducted lectures on different topics since the beginning of this year.

As part of the drug education campaign, a competition of Hua Rong Dao, a Chinese board game, was held on June 13, in the Changzhou campus of Hohai University. Nearly 200 college students participated in the competition.

"The game is just an approach to attract students, and more importantly, to let them understand the meaning behind the game," said Wu Zhendai, Director of the Women's Committee of Changzhou Campus of Hohai University. So far, eight colleges and universities in the city have launched the anti-drug Hua Rong Dao competition.

Considering the characteristics of young students who are active online and mobile-device users, several other down-to-earth ways were used to spread anti-drug knowledge among students, including comic stories, micro-videos, social media, and influencers.

In addition to the anti-drug activities to keep young students away from drugs, the campaign has launched many other activities to safeguard the growth of young students.

The campaign invited female model workers, March-8th Red-banner holders, anti-war veterans, and other outstanding women from all walks of life to share their stories.

During the campaign, some legal departments gave college students lectures on drugs, loans, and campus bullying. It also organized visits to women's prisons and an anti-drug base to conduct investigations and studies. Students also had the opportunity to attend trials to improve the effectiveness of the legal education.

The campaign also pays attention to the physical and mental health of young students, giving them positive guidance on life, marriage and family. Volunteers from local hospitals, the women and children's rights center and the women workers' association of the Changzhou lawyers association provided easy and private access for students in need of assistance.

In addition, the campaign has invited female entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurship stories and act as mentors for female students, giving them pragmatic guidance on work, support for entrepreneurship and internship opportunities.

"The city's women's federation will continue to work with relevant departments to develop the campaign, hoping to help more college students keep away from drugs and pursue their dreams in the right direction," said Wu Xiaohua, President of the city's women's federation.


(Source: China Women's News/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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