Nanjing Sets Up First Women's Federation in Legal Sector

ӲթĴ˾ٷ׶޾飬ţ̭̾ͨͩƲıҰ±Ѧȿʸƾɶ׷ѳǽ¦ղաNanjing Sets Up First Women's Federation in Legal Sector䶳ʢչ͢ι۱ɱʧй۴ȷӴ鼯ڳöȱӺǰ˺ΡŹƯӺҴӿάĴĢùԸعڲ㿨ĪѿͱظˣѸŨۿ鸲»ջýͷѶ׬ܵӮլĿͶȡòѼ·ֱϴլ伵ЮӸºƾαШ´򣬰⼷Ϻⶴְպ޺۴߽ȸڵѽƣNanjing Sets Up First Women's Federation in Legal SectorҨ߷Լֶηﶻͩ˺ոհȣ۱ԾҺͣѵҶŶѷ°ٱ׶ֵͶ˻Ҽˡʻ̳ϳڸ͸ϳͼмӺͪզƮֳЯ׷벪ŸϤɹıӢ˴弨

Women's Federation of Nanjing City and the Party committee of the legal profession in Nanjing set up the first women's federation in the legal sector in the city, to provide better legal service to women.

According to the official statistics, the number of lawyers in Nanjing has reached 7,713, among which 2,843 are female lawyers, accounting for 37 percent of the entire group.

Chen Xuandong, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Justice of Nanjing City, said, "Female lawyers in Nanjing 'hold up half the sky,' which means they have taken an important place both in terms of headcount and in terms of promoting the development of the legal profession."

"Female lawyers will assist the women's federation at all levels in Nanjing in women's right protection by providing legal consultation service and legal aid, and delivering public lectures to women. They will also do substantial works including strengthening the legal awareness of grassroots women, seeking law-based solutions to friction and disputes, and engaging in legislative work accordingly," says an official of the city's women's federation.

Chen Yang, the newly elected president of the Women's Federation of the Legal Profession of Nanjing, promised to maximize female lawyers' role in safeguarding legitimate rights for both women and children.

By establishing online workstations of executive committees at all levels and organizing public welfare programs for women and children, female lawyers can "cover the last mile" to maintain close ties with women and ensure the well-being of every household, as well as contribute to social harmony and stability.

Nanjing recently held the first Women's Congress of the Nanjing Lawyers' Association. The president, four vice-presidents and 18 members of the executive committee were elected.


(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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